PC Plastics products are ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’


PC Plastics, the Australian owned and operated Pest Management Product Manufacturer, is now proud to announce that their products are classified as ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ the ABCB NCC 2019.

PC Plastics has been pursuing this level of compliance since 2019 and is excited to offer the many pest control companies, and builders, that utilise their products the assurance that comes with this high level of compliance when using their products in installations.

PC Plastics produces several termite management products, including their Biofilm Termite Management System, and the associated Biofilm ‘Memory Tech’ Collars, both of which are sold exclusively through Garrards Australia wide.

The new ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ documentation for PC Plastics’ products is now available from www.deemedtosatisfy.com.au, and any information you may require is freely available on request. 

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