‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ The Highest Level of Compliance

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Termicide Pest Control is both thrilled and proud to announce the recognition of our products as ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ as per the ABCB NCC 2019. This highest level of compliance to the BCA means that builders and homeowners can continue to have the ultimate confidence in our products and installations.

Termicide Pest Control has been the leader of innovation in the industry for Termite Protection products for 20 years, and once again is leading the charge when it comes to this level of compliance.

Director Paul Jeynes and the staff at Termicide have been striving towards this achievement since 2019, after being made aware of the instability of CertMarks’ involvement in the voluntary Codemark Scheme following their suspension from JAS-ANZ,  and the lack of confidence of certifiers in the Certificates of Conformity issued from them as part of this scheme.

The ABCB has also indicated a concern in the ongoing viability of the Codemark Scheme in general, which further compelled Termicide to reach for this highest level of compliance.

After investing time, energy, and expertise from multiple industry professionals and independent building certifiers, we are very excited to reach the milestone of recognition of our products as ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ in their own right.

The new ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ documentation for Termicide Pest Control’s products is available from www.deemedtosatisfy.com.au, and any information you may require is freely available on request. 

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